Honor - Trust - Fairness

These are the qualities that you should demand when considering to entrust an Auction House with your Property, Money, or Legacy. These are the qualities that we at Pickers Estate Auctions Demand for ourselves everyday.


Ivy and Michael Alphonse have been in the Antique Service for 15 years+. Priding themselves on Fairness and Honesty. Now open in their hometown, the City of El Monte, the Alphonse family will feature items from all around California and beyond. Items such as high end art, furniture, antiques, vintage, and collectibles.

Our Service

Onsite at our location Auctions, we provide the Auctioneer, a clerk cashier, security, people to assist and your even is publicized and advertised with local media outlets and on our website at PickersEstateAuctions.com. Bi-Weekly Auctions within the State of California. Local Pickup only.


We are a Secondhand Merchandise Dealer ensuring that all transactions are handled in Full Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Regulators. We use the latest in technology to Research, Display, and Market your items via our website and online auction bidding functions. We expose your items to the broadest audience to ensure you get the best value.